Friday, February 13, 2009


Welcome! is the internet home of our baseball road trip this summer. Starting on May 29th, we are going to spend two months driving across the country, visiting all thirty Major League Baseball stadiums, and hopefully seeing a lot of other interesting things too.

For the moment, this website and blog are very much a work in progress. In the next few weeks, we're hoping to get a few cool features up. We already have a map of our trip posted, and we'll soon have the schedule for our trip up as well. Stay tuned for a few other surprises too.

For the next few months, until our trip starts, this blog will probably be updated rather sporadically. We are hoping to do a few things though - as much as possible, we're going to try to blog the planning of our trip. While we've done a lot of the major planning already, we still have a lot more to figure out, and we want to give people a feel for what goes into something like this. We will probably also use the space to periodically post random thoughts and musings on the 2009 baseball season, and some various other topics.

However, as you would assume, the primary purpose of this site will be to share our trip with the world. We plan to update the site regularly throughout our trip - we'll have our thoughts on each stadium, any interesting things that we see, and many, many pictures. We'll also both be using Twitter (it'll be on the sidebar) to let you know where we are and what's happening throughout the trip.

So, again, welcome, enjoy, and please let us know if you have any suggestions for our trip or this website.

~Justin and Mike