Thursday, July 9, 2009

My kind of town...

We're relaxing in Chicago after a busy few days traveling around the Midwest.  We left Cincinnati Monday and drove up to Milwaukee (managing the bypass the Chicago area without hitting too much traffic, amazingly enough).  We had fun in Milwaukee - we spent Monday evening in downtown, and spent most of the afternoon on Tuesday at the park that's right on Lake Michigan.  I spent a summer in Milwaukee a few years ago, so it was fun going back and seeing the place again (even if it's not my favorite city in the world).  We went to the Brewers game last night - they were playing the Cardinals, who were just ahead of them in the division, so it was an important game.  Unfortunately, the Brewers didn't get the memo, and were shut out by some brilliant pitching by Adam Wainwright.

Now we're here in Chicago.  We went to the Sox game tonight, and we're going to spend the day exploring the city tomorrow.  Hard to believe that we're getting so close to the end of this - only 7 stadiums left to see, and we're going to be back in New York in only 11 days.  I'm going to be sad to be done visiting ballparks, but I'm definitely almost ready for some rest and relaxation at home.

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  1. So have the ballpark reviews basically fallen off the adgenda?