Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 Days in the Bay Area

It's wonderful to finally have three days in one place, without any driving to do.  We arrived in San Francisco early Sunday morning, after leaving L.A. at about 5:00am.  We had to leave that early because the Giants had a day game, which we just barely made it in time for.  Our review for the Giants' AT&T Park (as well as all the California parks) will be coming soon, but needless to say, I don't think that there is any park that even comes close to the beauty of the Giants' bayside stadium.

In addition to loving AT&T Park, we're having a great time in San Francisco.  I love cities that you can walk around and really explore, and San Francisco is a classic example of a walking city.  We spent the day exploring the waterfront area with a friend of mine from college, before heading across the bay to Oakland for the A's game (against San Francisco).  The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum was not nearly as impressive as the Giants' ballpark (in fact, it was my least favorite stadium yet), but we still had a great time watching the A's beat their cross-bay rivals.

Tomorrow is our first day without any games or driving since June 1st, back when we were in DC.  We plan to spend it relaxing, recovering, and doing some laundry, before starting the long trek up to Seattle.

One final note - we know we are both wayyyy behind on stadium reviews.  Over the next week, we only have one baseball game to go to and a lot of time that we're going to spend driving - so by this time next week, we promise we will both be caught up!

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