Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fussy fuses

We've had to make a few stops on our long drive from Orlando, FL to Lafayette, LA (where we're spending the night before heading down to Houston).  We've had to stop for gas twice, lunch once, and very urgent bathroom break just a few moments ago.  

However, the most important stop we had to make was at a Toyota Dealer in Marianna, Florida.  Why?  Well, we are using the power outlets in my car to power our laptops as well as our satellite radio.  About 10 minutes after getting back in the car after grabbing lunch somewhere in the Florida panhandle, both Mike's computer and the satellite radio lost power.  Mike immediately figured out that the fuse for the power outlets had blown - apparently, the same thing had happened to him on a road trip he took last year.  And oddly enough, it had also happened in the Florida panhandle.  Our problem, however, was that we didn't have an extra fuse, nor a clue of how to change it (my car's manual is missing, for some reason).

Luckily, some clutch research by Mike informed us that there was a Toyota dealer in the next town that we were passing - the last one for over 100 miles.  So, rather than force us to go without computers or radio for the next eight hours, we decided to get off and see about getting a new fuse.  Luckily, they had the fuses we needed there, and changing it was relatively easy, so we were back on the road within 30 minutes.

Right now, we are just outside Biloxi, Mississippi, and about 3 and a half hours from where we're stopping for the night.  And good thing we have the satellite radio working again, because it's time to listen to the Red Sox/Yankees game...which will either make the rest of the ride really quick or really long (based on the pitching matchup, I'm leaning towards really long).

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