Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the passenger workstation

When, you may ask, will photos and reviews be built into the rest of the website? Or when will we make any of the other changes or updates, that we're making so many of on this long road trip?
The answer to these questions is on the road. When we get to a new city, we want to explore that new city, go to the game, go out for a drink, walk around the downtown areas... We don't want to sit at a laptop. However, we are spending hours and hours on the road, half the time driving, and half the time at the passenger workstation (patent pending).

Made with MDF and 3/4 inch steel pipe, this swiveling, folding, removable desk fits comfortable a few inches over the knees of the passenger (and below the path of the airbag). It tilts up to allow easy access into and out of the car, and it comes apart in one step when it's not needed. On the desk is the laptop used to edit thirtyballparks.com (and our fantasy baseball teams, for that matter), a USB modem for 3G internet everywhere, and an eighth inch audio cable to pump iTunes through the car stereo. Look for the passenger workstation to soon hit store shelves everywhere, or at least Billy Mays TV commercials...


  1. you know, I laughed at this contraption pre-installation, but I now that I've seen it in action I have to very reluctantly admit, that's pretty damn awesome. I still think you're thoroughly ridiculous though, and plan to continue laughing as soon as you take it out of the car again. :-P

  2. I was wondering what kind of sprucing up you guys would be doing to the car to make the trip easier...


    (that's all I need to say)

  4. Your neighborhood friends at State FarmJune 3, 2009 at 1:47 PM

    Death Trap. Drive safely.

  5. yeah, path of airbag *cough* more like path of face splintered by flying metal and wooden doohicky. Still it looks cool