Sunday, June 28, 2009

ten thousand miles, ten thousand photos

We reached the 10,000 mile notch in Council Bluffs, Iowa... after a lot of Nebraska and Wyoming... We've almost reached Kansas City, where we will be staying with a friend of Justin's.

Some funny things, we saw a pick-up truck towing just the bed of another pickup truck, propped up on its back wheels. (Looks ridiculous, I'll upload a picture soon.) Apparently the state of Wyoming cares about the dangers of secondhand smoke, with a billboard that reads "DING DONG THE WITCH IS SECONDHAND SMOKED." Apparently there is another one that reads "TILL SECONDHAND SMOKE DO US PART."

I've uploaded photos of Chase Field and Coors Field. Some reviews are still missing, but I'll try to get those, as well as the rest of the photos through Safeco Field in Seattle up tonight and tomorrow.

Oh, and Yellowstone National Park is beautiful, and totally unreal. Geysers, boiling water bubbling up out of the ground... they're examples of something I thought only existed on alien planets. We took a ton of pictures, some of which are up on Picasa, which you all can check out by going to
We packed sandwiches and spent the day navigating the park going north to south – I highly recommend it to anyone driving cross country in that area...

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