Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nationals Park

Wow, what a day.  We just got back from Nationals Park, where, thanks to some friends with the team, we got a full, behind the scenes tour of the entire ballpark, from the press box, to the field, to all the private clubs.  It was great - and standing on the field was definitely the coolest part.

The seats weren't half bad themselves - we were in the very front, right next to the Nationals dugout.  If only we could make something like this happen at every park!

The Nationals won the game 10-6 - and it was actually a lot closer than it sounds.  They were down 5-2 as late as the sixth inning, and rallied with 2 in the sixth and 6 in the eighth to win the game.  And, oh yeah, the ballpark itself was great too.

Time for bed - we have to get up bright and early to start the 10 hour trek down to Atlanta.

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