Saturday, June 20, 2009


Our first two days in California are off to a great start - we've gone to games at both Dodger Stadium and Petco Park (in San Diego) already, both of which were great, if for different reasons.  We saw a great game at Dodger Stadium, and while the stadium wasn't my favorite, it was the most well attended game we've been to since the beginning of the trip, and the fans made for a great atmosphere.  Petco Park itself was much nicer than Dodger Stadium, but it was unfortunately a very small crowd to see two mediocre teams playing.  It was fun nonetheless.

We just got back from getting an oil change this morning (gotta make sure the car can get us back to the East Coast), and we're heading out to walk around the Santa Monica beach area before tonight's Dodgers/Angels game in Anaheim, which should be one of the more exciting games we're seeing.

Yesterday was also a particularly important milestone for us, because San Diego is as far from home as we're going on this trip.  From this point on, we are (almost) always moving toward the finish line.  That being said, we still haven't hit the halfway point of the trip, either in stadium numbers or days.  Still a lot more to do!

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  1. Hello Justin and Mike..
    Sounds like a great trip.
    Are you in LA yet? I know some great places to shop there if you are interested....just let me know.