Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Final night on the East Coast

We just arrived back in a very happy Orlando, FL after spending the day in St. Petersburg and watching the Rays go down in defeat to the Angels, 4-3.  Tropicana Field was, for the most part, a pleasant surprise - neither Mike nor I were expecting much, but the ballpark turned out to be well designed and fun to explore.  The actual atmosphere during the game wasn't great, but I had few other complaints about the stadium.

We're spending one final night here on the East Coast, before starting our trek West with an 11 hour drive to Lafayette, LA tomorrow.  Our next game is Thursday afternoon in Houston - a pretty short time to get that far.  We'll make it though.

We'll have a few updates from the car tomorrow, as well as our reviews of both Florida ballparks, so keep an eye out.

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