Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Pacific Ocean

On June 7th we were swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off of Miami Beach before heading to a Marlins game at Land Shark Stadium. Now, over 5,000 miles since then, we are on approach into Pasadena California where we will meet up with a friend and spend the next three nights in the LA area, and the long awaited Pacific coastline.

We'll spend today in LA and go to the Dodgers game. Other than Wrigley and Fenway, Dodger Stadium is one of the oldest ballparks in MLB, so we're both excited for this game.

Tomorrow we're spending the day in San Diego and going to the Padres game, and we'll be in Anaheim on Saturday to see the Dodgers face the Angels (and Jeff Weaver face his brother Jered Weaver). That will complete California's southern trio of ballparks, and we'll need to get a very early start to head up to the bay area to see the Giants and Athletics games Sunday and Monday!

Here we go, California's five ballparks all in five days.

I'm already behind on my reviews, I promise I'll catch up completely after Seattle!

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